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Advantages of the Ukrainian Association of Humanitarian Demining

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    The Association unites experienced and skilled humanitarian demining professionals, which allows to create a leading center of expert investigation on the territory of Ukraine.

  • Cooperation

    The Association promotes strengthening of partnership relations between organizations and experts, furthering the exchange of knowledge and best practices.

  • Innovation development

    The Association actively researches and implements the latest demining technology and methods, increasing thereby the efficiency and safety of operations.

  • Assisting the public

    Active promotion of the public awareness regarding mine danger and drawing attention to the demining problem helps to create safe conditions for the development of territories and the everyday life of residents.

  • Education and professional training

    The Association offers to its members training programs and events for the upgrade of skills and competence in the field of humanitarian demining.


We are constantly facing requests, problems and needs of our members of the Ukrainian Association of Humanitarian Demining. So, let's team up and work together to achieve a common goal and benefit everyone.Manufacturers and providers of mine action services, i.e. organizations that are mine action operators can become partners of the Association.

How to apply?


Fill in the form

Fill in THIS FORM and check the correctness of the information you entered. Send it to: moc.liamg%40dhaueciffo with subject of the letter "Application"



Receive a mail notification from the Association


Wait for consideration

The Association will consider your application


An admission

Congratulations, you are a partner of the Association now!


If for some reason your application is rejected, we will inform you in a letter