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Association members

The Ukrainian Association for Humanitarian Demining offers a unique and valuable opportunity for international companies, equipment manufacturers, public bodies, international foundations and government agencies to join global efforts to address the problem of mine contamination in Ukraine.

Who can become a member of the Ukrainian Association of Humanitarian Demining?

The Ukrainian Association of Humanitarian Demining directs its activities to protect the life and health of Ukrainian citizens by demining, disarming explosive objects and raising the public awareness about the mine threat.

Organizations that specialize in humanitarian demining and have successful experience in this field

Organizations providing modern demining equipment, technology and methodology

National and international organizations engaged in ensuring security and protecting civilians from mine threats

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and humanitarian organizations actively involved in activities aimed at eliminating the consequences of conflicts and ensuring public safety

Become a member of the Ukrainian Association of Humanitarian Demining, take advantage of the most diverse opportunities in establishing member relations and gain support in all fields related to demining. We cooperate with international and Ukrainian companies that are manufacturers and providers of mine action services.
As a member of the Ukrainian Association of Humanitarian Demining, you will be backed by training programs, workshops and master classes that will assist in developing the skills and competence of experts, gain access to modern equipment, resources and technology, as well as partnership and experience sharing with other members of the Association.
Together we will contribute to the demining of dangerous areas, promote public awareness regarding threats, and ensure a safe life for Ukrainians. Join us now and work in a team of like-minded people.

How to apply?


Fill in the form

Fill in THIS FORM and check the correctness of the information you entered. Send it to: moc.liamg%40dhaueciffo with subject of the letter "Application member"



Receive a mail notification from the Association


Wait for consideration

The Association will consider your application


An admission

Congratulations, you are a partner of the Association now!


If for some reason your application is rejected, we will inform you in a letter